What is Bitcion?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or an electronic money that commands the highest value in the world. it’s a globally recognized currency and can be converted to any country’s currency. that means you can exchange bitcoin for the Nigerian Naira, British Pounds, United States Dollars, Japanese Yen, South African Rand, Canadian Dollar etc. It doesn’t belong to a country, so no central bank can freeze it. you cannot touch or feel it like other paper currencies… it’s only seen in figure mode. In Nigeria, today, car dealers, multinational contractors, sports mean are already accepting bitcoin as a means of payment for cars, and there’s already a debit card for bitcoin.

Some decades ago people were asking what is email? what is internet? but today everyone now knows what email and internet is.

Many people now are asking what is bitcoin? but in few years to come, everyone will know what bitcoin is all about. we hope that when that time comes you’ll be bitcoin rich.

And now in nigeria, the NDIC and the Central Bank are starting to accept the idea of using bitcoin in their transactions. Bitcoin is simply the future of currencies. 1 bitcoin as of the time of this post its over 1000$.


Bitcoin Exchange Rate

฿ =