How it Works

  • Registration ZAR Fund on Ref-Link of the recommender
  • Activation of Level 1 through a donation of 0.03 BTC to the Ref-Link – owner, thereby enabling the own Ref-Links
  • Adding new donations donors (at least 1 each for the right and left leg of the binary structure) by passing its own Ref-Links or by spillover from the upline
  • After activating the new donations donors (through a donation to the right above it in the system, this is the BitCoin back office – address given) they are also entitled to disclose your ref-link.
  • If 2 donation donors are activated in Level, you can selbt upgrade to Level 2 by can unlock the back office for it – by pressing the “Dashboard” the [Upgrade to next level] which is the next in the list of donors with its BitCoin wallet gets displayed to send 00:05 BTC
  • The procedure to level 6 is always the same!
  • Starting from level 4 can be set up another parallel system