What is Zarfund?

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What is Zarfund?

Zarfund is the first donations-platform with bitcoins all over the world. And this ensures that donations arrives very fast the recipients. Zarfund offers only a member to member donation-platform. Without detour or fees, 100% and free of charge.

Zarfund is a Peer-To-Peer Donation System:

It is a method of fundraising that leverages your supporters to fund raise on your behalf. It’s also known as social fundraising, personal and/or team fund raising or p2p fund raising. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to get new donors and reach new networks of people while you accumulate a substantial amount of wealth you never might have ever thought of in your life.

Benefits of Signing Up to Zarfund:

  • Affordable One-Time Sign Up Fee: Joining Zarfund is quite cheap. You are required to pay only 0.03 bitcoins (approximately $20 – It changes with exchange rate).This is a one-time investment. You will never have to pay any subsequent fees to advance to the next levels from your pocket… The upgrade fees can be taken directly from your earned profits!So, with a $20 initial payment, you can potentially earn $ per month. This is not a scam. Watch the interview with the founder of Zarfund. – Then, decide for yourself.
  • You Only Need to Refer 2 People: Zarfund is very simple and straight-forward…Once you get 2 referrals, you progress to the next Level! Now, most multi-Level Marketing programs out there, require you to refer as many as six people before you can move to the next stage. But, Zarfund is different! Zarfund is easy! In fact, if you have hardworking Upline members, you don’t even have to refer anyone when you initially join Zarfund. I would know this – Because, I never invited any of my Level 1 downlines!
    They just trickled down to me (from my upline). This is called the ‘Spill over’ effect.
  • Zarfund is innovative!: Unlike other network models that deal solely through cash, Zarfund has taken a completely different approach. All the transactions are done using bitcoins. There’s a high probability that you haven’t heard about bitcoins before, or at least, used it to transact. Well, that’s kind of the point with this business…
  • Zarfund Makes You Learn About Bitcoins Once and for All: When asked about his major drive for creating Zarfund, Mr. Hannes said, he really wanted the world to learn about Bitcoins and how to use them. According to him, Bitcoins are the online payment vehicle of the future! – And he is poised to get as many people as possible, to start saving some Bitcoins in their Bitcoin wallets.
  • Spill Over Effect: No matter how many people you can recruit, you can only have 2 people directly under you. The rest of them will automatically trickle down your downline. So, everyone is consciously or unconsciously helping one another! With Zarfund, the “little guys” are not left behind while the guys at the top are making all the money and you’re still struggling, trying to build a team. We all build a huge team together – and that’s what I love about Zarfund.
  • Zarfund is Global: Zarfund is open to everyone all over the world! No matter whether you’re in Nigeria or Canada, you’re free to SignUp to Zarfund.
  • Zarfund is Decentralized and Safe: There is no control by the owner of Zarfund, by any Governments, banks or external forces. The money (bitcoins), just flows among the participants or team members.

Who Started Zarfund?

Zarfund was founded by Hannes Jordaan (a South-African). He started the company in July 2016 – And as of the time of typing this post, it has over 280,000 members and counting  – No other online business has ever grown that quick in participation! This is because, Zarfund is legal, new, inventive and it’s easy to achieve success on the platform. Zarfund was influenced by related multi-level marketing programs. But, what stands it out is, it has perfected the system. With Zarfund, everyone who signs up, becomes a winner!.


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